A supplemental content distribution method for linear streaming, using a truly virtual CDN that makes your existing content distribution method more robust, more sustainable, faster and less expensive!

CDN’s come in many forms and flavors, but they all have a few things in common:

  • They need to be pre-ordered to make sure that your content can reach your full target audience.
  • In order to reach your full audience, you often need to engage multiple CDN’s or use a CDN service which features global coverage, which is priced considerably higher.
  • CDN traffic is expensive.


CYMTV’s StreamUnlimited solves all the above issues by supplying you with a few lines of intelligent code to integrate into your website or app, that will change the way your content is distributed, and which will instantly save you money.


How does it work?

Your website or app starts playback of your stream from your regular source (i.e., any existing CDN or a server). Once the stream plays, our integrated code connects to our AI-based RendezVoyeur server, which interconnects the code to a number of other viewers, that are watching the same content – who will then start encrypted distribution of the content amongst each other, lowering the load on the original CDN source tremendously. This saves capacity, data-traffic and therefor money!



  • Because a virtual CDN is deployed ‘as-you-go’ there is always sufficient capacity and no need for using extensive hardware infrastructure.
  • The virtual CDN service can be started instantly with no minimum guarantee.
  • The virtual CDN traffic is kept as much within the same (provider) network as possible, which means:
    • Lower latency for viewers of your content.
    • Higher traffic speeds are possible so quality (for example with ABR streams) can go up.
    • ISPs save money on inter-network traffic (for which they normally purchase and deploy caching-servers).
  • As virtual CDN pricing is much lower than regular CDN’s, you save money. Every dollar spent on the virtual CDN is a multitude of dollars saved on your current CDN.
  • Integration of the StreamUnlimited code is easy and is client-side only. No changes are required to your CDN or streaming server.
  • Risk-free; even if the virtual CDN would not work, then your website or app would simply fall back on the CDN that you currently have in place. And if it works, you save money!
  • No additional CDN services required for increased territorial coverage.
  • Exact real-time reporting of virtual CDN data-traffic used.
  • Sustainable and less energy user – and therefor less CO2 emissions.



Because the virtual CDN is only a distribution method, all aspects of the content remain perfectly intact. This means that SCTE-35 markers, content protection (DRM), ABR profiles, codecs, resolutions (SD, HD, 4K, 8K) etc. are all 100% supported.


Save the environment!

Lowering the usage of regular CDN’s has a direct positive impact on the environment.  Datacenters make up for around 1% of the worldwide power consumption.

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