After a meeting at CYMTV’s booth at NAB in Las Vegas, NASA and CYMTV agreed to do a small test project to measure performance of CYMTV’s StreamUnlimited Virtual CDN Add-On.

For NASA, the main reason was that their CDN partner was charging a lot of money for streaming abroad (mainly Europe and Asia) of their Live TV feeds.

CYMTV ingested the NASA TV feed from the Hotbird satellite, using a satellite dish and DVB-S2 tuner in the CYMTV datacenter in the Netherlands. The signal was then transcoded and converted into a standard HLS stream.

A special webpage was set up for the test, using the StreamUnlimited code and a standard HTML5 video player.

The total setup process took about 2 hours, including the time it took to set up and tune the DVB-S2 satellite tuning card.

The result was a saving of approximately 91% of the bandwidth used for the streams, which resulted in a massive cost-reduction in CDN costs for streams that were viewed by users abroad.

Products used: StreamUnlimited