Company history


Cybermedia Television BV (“CYMTV”) was originally founded in 2005 as a marketing company, specialising in online advertising. In 2010, Van Herk Hoek Holding BV acquired a majority share of the company and brought it into the age of digital television and other forms of content delivery. One year later, CYMTV delivered the first OTT/IPTV platform to an international telecom company.


After having implemented successful IPTV and OTT projects for customers in Vietnam, Lebanon, Paraguay and Egypt, and developing custom-made solutions for organisations such as RTL Group, SKY, Deutsche Bundesliga, NASA and many others, CYMTV has packaged all their developments and knowledge into a selection of turn-key products.


CYMTV’s products are divided into three branches; production, distribution and signage and are offered in various business models including SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).


Today, CYMTV has multiple locations and representatives around the globe, and delivers the standard products as well as custom-developed complete solutions.