Control your PTZ camera – from anywhere, to anywhere

CYMTV’s latest product allows you to log in to, and control your PTZ camera wherever it is, and from anywhere in the world.

Camera Connect is a combination of a hardware unit and a webpage. Simply connect the Camera Connect box between the PTZ camera and any DHCP network connection, and the camera will show up on the webpage. Simply click on the camera’s name and you will be taken straight to the camera’s built-in webpage – offering you full and unlimited control.

The CYMTV Camera Control box is connected between the camera and the network connection at the camera’s location. After it is switched on, the built-in AI routines will set up the connection with the camera and with the online backend, where the camera will then simply show up as available for access.

Once it is online, the camera can be accessed using any web browser on any device – laptop, smartphone, tablet. Any device with a web browser and an active internet connection can be used, anywhere in the world.

The CYMTV Camera Control box comes with an RJ45 cable to connect it to the camera. For operation, a power supply is included but any USB port with 2A can be used to power the box instead.

Optionally, a 4G/5G dongle can be supplied to control the box without the need for a local network connection.